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I Went for a boat ride with my dad on the west coast of OZ. We bought along some dive gear and a Fishing rod with a popper already rigged up.

We found a massive bomby sticking about a foot out of the water about 20 foot deep.

Dad said he should jump in and check it out, so he did. Came to the surface and yelled out. "BIG GT"

I threw the popper straight over dads head and started ripping it in. Next thing i know, im hooked up to it.

The fight was unbelieveable taking about 20 minutes until landed. As it reached the boat i stood there gobsmacked for its beautiful size and muscle built body.

Camp was about 5 kilometers away and we had no camera. So we put its head in the esky and zoomed off back to camp. We had to stop a couple of times to revive the fish properly.

This is one of the most memorable fishing days of my life and i will always remember it.


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