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Its Finally Happened!


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Hi all,

I believe this may even be my first post so first of G'day.

We as above I have finally got a weekend to got fishing :beersmile:

Due to buying a house and renovating the last time I had the boat out was for a few hours in early June and before that was the Easter weekend!!!

So i'm hitting the hawkesbury on Sunday and Monday. Have been reading the reports section and am planing on drifting flint and steel and the road / railway bridges for some flathead. (C and R as myself and partner dont eat fish.lol although I tend to keep one for my dad to enjoy later).

Will not be going outside as the crew I have (partner on Sunday and work mates on Monday) all turn green with swell.

Just wondering if anybody else that is in touch with the river atm has any other sugestions? Im thinking maybe early on hitting the holes to the south of Danger island for a jew??

Your help would be appreciated as I do not think I will get another fish until January!!!

If anybody see's a white 540 Trailcraft Profish on the water those days give me a wave.

Tight lines,


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