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Fishing Georges River


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Morning all,

Went out yesterday fishing first time the georges river and caught 3 small snappers, it was soo quiet but i put it down to us not knowing how to fish the area very well.

Could anyone give me some pointers as we're spending boxing day out on the water and i have 5 people ready to fish - i don't want it to be dissapointing again hehe

We like the river because it's calm when the bay gets too choppy. Problem is i don't know any spots.

Yesterday we used chicken thigh and prawns, nothing was eating the chicken thigh just the prawns.

This time i plan to use nippers, prawns, mullet/ pillies. We headed over to como bridge and my father in law dropped anchor in only 3metres of water, i'm guessing we were also fishing too shallow.

Any help would be great :) thanks.

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Georges River is a nice comfortable place to fish. It can at times be hard to pick the right spots, but then again its the same with most places including Botany Bay.

Most of the Georges river is pretty shallow, but don't let this be a deterent. I have caught many a fish in the Georges. Como can be very good at times, but is best on the runout tide. Captain Cooks bridge is also a good spot when it is not too windy. The Moons is also a good spot for whiting & bream.

I normally use peeled prawns and chicken breast. To make life easier i normally cut up my bait at home ready for the hooks. After i have cut the chicken breasts into pieces i normally add a bit of salt and let it sit there for about an hour to drain out the excess water. Salt will make the checken nice and firm. Once out on the water i add some parmesan cheese to the chicken. As with all types of fishing, berlying increases your chances of attracting fish.

Hope this help, and good luck. :1fishing1:

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