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Sounder Us/metric Readings


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Hi Guys, have often heard people wonder whether US sounders and such could be read in metric and always thought that surely manufacturers would include a conversion feature in their software. On my last trip to Los Angeles in december a friend asked me to pick up a cheap sounder for him, which was not in stock, so had to get it sent to my cousins and then she sent it to me. By the way it cost US$21.50 to send it from San Diego to NZ economy post.......sent Dec30 and arrived Feb 24 (so you cant be in a hurry)

I'm up there fairly often so if it were for me I would have just picked it up next time and saved the postage.

Any how before he came over to take it away I had a look at the instructions and certainly the Eagle brand can be read in metric..........

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Like I said it is just a fairly cheap sounder but it has everything i would need.

..cost US$116 + tax

Seems I remember I think it was Jethro who mentioned using an Eagle

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Yeah it was me. Its amazing how much you can save on electronics from the states.

One of my mates bought in a 480df Seacharter sounder/GPS. It retails for about $1200 here and we had it shipped to his door from the states for $620.

I have got a couple of Lowrance sounders (x47 & x125) that I bought in Oz and bot will do depth in Meters or Feet and Temp in C or F. The best way toi check is to download a simulator from their web site and it lets you run through all the functions

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Too true Bill... I bought a Matrix 37 in the US and it doesnt do metric. As standard the temp is in Farenheit and depth is in feet (or can be changed to fathoms). However for the $400 saving I made I dont mind having to do the conversions. :1fishing1:

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