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Any Reports Broken Bay?

James Mackay

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Anyone fished wide last few days? Thinking of heading out next few is it worth a shot for Mahi's or Stripes yet?

I trolled out of the Hacking today and past the wave rider buoy where there were a few rat kings then past the east Sydney fad,12 mile and down to the Port Hacking fad and didn't turn a reel but saw a few small dollies jumping around some traps.We burleyed up but nothing,the water's a good colour though.

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Bugger all bait around. Found one or 2 but no density.

Found one FAD in 140ish mtrs water but nothing there. East of Botany heads.

Saw no traps in close but did see a few at Browns and also saw about 5 boats bottom bouncing Browns. Good luck to the LOL. 400+++ mtrs water. Still no bait around.

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