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Hawkesbury Getaway


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Just got back today from 2 days up the Hawkesbury, stayed at Bar Point, Beautiful.

My olds are up there for a week and wanted us to bring the kids up for a day or 2.

Didn't get to do a lot of fishing and when we did it was just a drift or 2 out the front of the place we were staying, spent too much time running around in the boat seeing the place, absolutely beautiful place, will definatley be back and keep the tips I was given in the chat section in mind. We did however, get heaps of crabs, some small and some good size ones. My old man had the traps going for a few days before we got there and we kept them going while we were there and had plenty for us all, I even bought a dozen home to share with my pop, my brother, a couple more for me and even 2 for the in-laws. My 3yr old daughter had a ball checking the pots and watching the crabs come aboard.

All in all, great couple of days and can't wait to get back.

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hi, were did u stay? is it a camping ground or a holiday house u can rent? been thinking bout a few days away down there.

Hi Diver, it's a holiday house mate. You can only access it by boat. You have your own jetty out the front of the house, it's unreal mate. The only thing is, the houses are built on the side of the mountain/cliff, it's not that high up but the steps are pretty steep. For example, my 3yr old couldn't walk up or down by herself, she had to hold someones hand, she doesn't usually need help to walk a flight of stairs.

Do yourself a favour and go, but for more than a couple of days, it's just not long enough.

Mud Crabs or Blue Swimmers?

All Blue Swimmers mate.

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LittleNoah has inspired me to book a place on Bar Point for the long weekend coming up in late Jan so we will be up there from the 24th till the 28th.

Some great looking places on that STAYZ link and reasonably priced too.

I saw Jewgaffer's and others highly informative posts to Little Noah's post in fishing chat titled Hawkesbury Flathead drifts - bar point - any more info for the area would be appreciated!!

I have only been around to Peats Bight once but from memory there were some deep holes and some very shallow sandy sections.. Should I focus on flatties and blue swimmers while up there??

I will have a 2 and 4 year old with me so looking for kid friendly activities and any tips on little bays/beaches that I can get my boat into would also be appreciated.



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