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Hen & Chicken


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Hit Hen & Chicken for a Quick Land Based Flick earlier today (6am till 8am).

Fishing was tough and I am gettiong low on Gulp Grubs / Gulp Sandworms etc. so had to go through the bag and use a few old lures that have been sitting in the bag a loooong time.

Came across a Bag with 4 Green Hawgs left and sent one out which resulted in a decent Bream - see pic.

Took a mark on the rod before releasing the fish and later checked the measurement - 34cm to Fork.

Very solid & Fat Fish - extremelly healthy and gave a good account of itself on the symetre.

Manage 1x Whiting (approx 30cm) also - but generally alot of casts for a few hits but not so many hook-ups.

Good to get out and throw some SPs around.


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Great report.

It has been quite quiet in the past 2 days there. I have been going for mid arvo sessions for only a few small bream and a HUGE mullet (they GO HARD).

I think the very hot days had put them in deeper waters.

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Nice bream. Would've put up a pretty good fight.

Your report sounds exactly like the session I had out there the other morning. First cast with a squidgie fish and I bring in a nice fat 37cm bream. But that was pretty much it until the wind picked up and I packed up and went home.

There were about ten guys on the wharf fishing with bait but during the time I was down there I didn't see any of them catch anything. So didn't feel so bad not catching much.


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nice bream there mate good old hen and chicken bay it use to be a gun spot for the land based angler even the boater but latley its real quiet not alot of reoprts coming from out of there these days


It all depends on when you fish it. :biggrin2:

I must say I do miss fishing the bay. Know it like the back of my hand.

Nice fish Ian. Fat & fast & in top condition. Good to see they're still there.



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