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Vibe Lures


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Hey Mate

Try out the Ecogear vibes,

Stiffy Vibes

There is also a brand that I get up at Yamba, the tackle store owner makes them

There is plenty of others to, there is metal and plastic, the metals will get down deeper of course so good when fishing deep holes along rock walls.



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I have been using a few different ones with the Ecogear 35 being the fave for quite a while, BUT now after some great captures and impressive action the DIMIKI vault 35 is the fave by far. A great little blade that really pins the fish at a great price too


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I like blades but give the stiffys a miss... Mine broke mid fight with a whiting early last week. Dont know how many people this happened to but kinda pissed me off... I was kinda wondering how strong they would be being plastic but hey... Im just glad i tested it on the flats and not with thumping bass..

Wrote a very polite email to them with no reply.

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Do you jsut fish vibes like a soft plastics?

Off the bottom, with some short jerky action?

Depends on the day, But normally a slow roll on sand flats works well with a few sharp jerks added in. if im fishing in deeper water I will let it drop.. then mid pace lift the rod through the retrieve.. there are a few ways to skin a cat. just figure out what works best for you.

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