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Long Time Between Drinks


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What a way to do your first post

Have been beach fishing on and off for the last 5 years, but mainly have been estuary fishing for flatheads

Times I have been beach fishing have been getting tailor and salmon but missing those Jew's, up untill tonight I have only ever caught one Jew a 14kg monster 4years ago. After only been put onto fishraider 2 days ago I started reading about everyone catching/trying to catch some Jew's. Went for a fish at Wamberal last night but didn't get a bite, tonight thought what the hell and try a new spot. Well glad I did decide to go for the drive to Budgewoi Beach, these two were caught within 25minutes on my old ugly stick that I took as well as my beach rod - goes to show you you can catch em on something basic. Mind you I nearly lost the first one including my rod as the rod holder fell over and the rod was going east into the surf (I was still baiting up the beach rod). Decide to call it a night after catching the second one just incase I didnt catch anything else(didn't want to ruin my averages)

Samllest one was 60cm and the bigger one was 64cm

Very glad I read other peoples comments on Budgewoi Beach, both caught on 3/0 tripple gang with pllies


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and awsome catch, i have been doing a bit of fishing at budgewoi beach and got some tailor and just recently got a 70cm flatty off of there, i just got a new reel yestrday so i might see you out there some time hopefully!



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Thanks everyone

Best thing about trying Budgewoi Beach is it s a lot closer than my usual spot, Wamberal Beach since I am at Wyong

Scott - sounds like a plan might go for an afternoon fish tomorrow to see if I can get some tailor shall PM you later once I know

Cory shall PM you next time I am going there

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