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What Is It And Whats Chasing It If Anything?


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Hey Guys and Gals,

I went out for a fish at Bundina for a change of scenary and on the way there through the national park there is an overpass there at the bottom of the valley where there is a river on one side and marshes/swamps on the other.

On the river side there was what looked like mullets jumping out of the water and looked like they where being chased by some thing.

Can any one that knows the place or a simillar senario tell me if they are indeed mullets getting chased or are they feeding or what?

Could they be chased by Jewies? I tried throwing out some soft plastics in mullet colour but nothing, just snags.

I had a simillar senario at the boat ramp at Bobbin head and the same nothing but in both areas the water was going apeshit .


can any one solve this mistery?

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