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Downrigging At Night

Kiwi Dan

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As I do on most Friday afternoons I sit at my desk blank faced and think about fishing. As always I chat to one of the other lads in the office about fishing fishing and more fishing. So I was just having a little think about downrigging and just wondered what you would or might catch at night time if you downrigged and if anyone had ever tried it before.

Id be interested to hear your thoughts.

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Hi Dan,

Mate i reckon you would be in with a chance if you downrigged slowly known jewie areas. Drop offs and holes in MH.

Jewies are known to hit DR's and with them feeding more actively at night you would think that it would be a good possibility.

I recently had a jewie hit (night) whilst winding up from the bottom pretty quick. I wound it up maybe 15m then noticed my other rod line was slack so stopped rod one then readjusted other rod. Picked up first rod and started the last 10m of retrieve when i got totally smashed. Quick screaming run then nothing. Failed to hook up. I think it was a jewie as we had already caught 2. Only other thing it couldve been as it was night was a shark. Not tailor as too heavy and went hard.

Mate give it a go, you never know. Interested what other FR think regarding the possibilities.


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Could be worth a go with something like a big soft plastic with alot of tail vibration. I remember having a conversation with a sydney harbour guide about using big tailed soft plastics at night for jews and he seemed to think the more action/vibration the better so i could see using one on a DR could be worth while if you know your spots!

Good luck and don't forget to post if you have any luck!!!!

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