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Catching Poddies


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Hey all,

Quick question for you. I've recently discovered the wonderful world of using live poddies for bait. First I was catching them with a bait rig, then on the weekend I built a bait trap from a coke bottle. Both worked but I was wondering if you're allowed to scoop them up with a net or is that not allowed?



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DPI netting rules and regs can be found :


It only mentions 'incidental captures' of fish in prawn nets and crab pots. As far as I know, cast/drag nets are illegal. Phone DPI mate and they will give you the right advice



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cast and drag nets are illegal in nsw, however i am pretty sure that it is NOT illegal to net them in a landing net, it would be much more tricky but if there are swarms of them around you might get lucky, iv seen it done on yakkas...

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