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Daiwa Sensorf Rod


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I bought a 12ft 2-4oz 15-30lb Daiwa Sensor Surf rod to go with my Saltiga Surf 6000 spinning reel and 30lb Saltiga braid.

Will this rod be fine for Salmon fishing and the occasional Mulloway fishing and suit this reel?

I'll mostly be using 3oz weights with whole pilchards. But will also be casting up to 4-6oz weights sometimes.

Has anyone used this exact rod before, if so what are your thoughts about it?

I also have a custom extended 4120G pacific composite 10-15kg 13ft rod for big weights and baits.

Also, do I need a shock leader?




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Good looking outfit mate, should handle salmon without any problem but as with any outfit if you hook a monster jewie it will test you, but that is up there in terms of quality in beach gear so i think you'll be fine.

How much did that cost you?



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Ive got the same set-up but with a 13footer. That combo u have is plenty for big jewies. No jewies yet on mine one but had a 1.5 metre shark caught on mine at Windang. So u dont have to worry about anything.

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I have the 2-4oz 15-30lb 12ft Daiwa Sensor Surf rod which I'll be using for Salmon / Mulloway.

I am using 30lb Daiwa Saltiga Surf Braid on a Saltiga Surf 6000 reel.

I can get a 4oz grapnel sinker + whole pilchard out just over 70mtrs using this setup.

I also got to the 100mtr mark with a 6oz sinker no bait.

Would i get more distance using the heavier 3-6oz 20-40lb model?



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