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Hi all

Went out Robo early saturday morning god knows why :wacko: .Tried a few spots to no avail, Went out for a troll with no results so we deceided to anchor for a while.Sat for fifteen minutes or so with a livie on the rod and i started to get a little restles and bored so the call was to go on the troll again. I wound my bait to the surface like a mad man to try to loose it when all of a sudden i saw a flash go past the bait so i put the reel in free spool and fed the yakka back down slowly and actually saw the whole thing get smashed. It was a good fight for a few minutes and when it came to the surface wooohooo a small kingy..Rob had his rod in the holder talking to his better half when i saw out of the corner of my eye the tip almost touching the water..It put up a great fight for a few minutes and again another king..



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