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Daiwa Heartland Z

Bream Mad

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Hi Raiders,

Just spotted a Heartland Z ML 6" casting rod in a shop that blew me away.

it was not made in japan as some of them are and the shop wanted $375 is it worth that kind of money

does anyone have experience with these rods it was the purple one?


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HI Kael, I own 11 Heartlands and 4 of them are the Z model,what makes you think the rod you looked was not made in Japan? as the 4 I have are stamped MIJ. I think you will be very happy chapy if you buy one,won of the best rods Daiwa make for S/P or Hard Body lure casting.It is a shame you dont live closer to me and you could have had a go at casting a lure or two in the Nepean. Cheers RAY :1fishing1:

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