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Harbourr 22/1/09


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G'day raiders

hit the harbour at 6 this mornigh with my cousin [samy the salmon]

first time out on his older brothers boat. taking it for a test run. started out for some squid but only a few spots tried for nothing

keept in contact with josh88 and he filled us in on all the surface action but as soon as we got ther it went straight down

the wind and chop started to pick up and not wanting to puch the boat we headed for calmer waters of middler harbour at the sacrifice of kingies on the surface

tried the usual haunts around MH with prawns and fresh squid for zipp

final spot anchored up and got some good burley going

snapper everywhere with the odd good sized bream, leatherjackets and flouder with some yakkas hanging around

we had 2 light rods out and 2 heavy rods and of course the kingies go for the light rod with only 50 yards of line on the spool.

was taken right to the finall knot 5 times before either bent hooks or bust offs :ranting2:

anyway boat ran well except for a tilt problem and great to get out there

soryy no photo's but saving the memory space for the kings :1prop:



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