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Catching Live Bait Botany Bay ? Help Needed


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Hi everybody!

Hope all is well, been fishing the bay lately and boy have i had some fun, so many mixed bags, legal flatties, trevally, whitings etc. BUTTTTTTT i can't stand watching other fishos pull out whopper kingies in the bay.

I only fish light and avoid rigging up for kingies simply because i don't know how to catch them :tease:

Ladies and gentlemen, i can't take the pain no more and have decided to try fishing for kingies whilst fishing for my regulars ( bream,flatties etc ). Last week i almost got spooled on my tiny shimano reel , lucky the fish bit the hook in half and i was able to retrieve my new line :)

Anyhooo, i want to start catching live bait to fill my new live tank ( that i'm building myself )

, does anyone know any land based spots ?

techniques ? I'm getting advice from hither and wither as to how to build a nice kingie rod,reel and rig package too :)

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