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Is Fishing In Oatley Or Como Good?


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Hi, New to fish raider - heading out fishing on sunday and just wanted to know if there are any good places from the shore to fish at oatley or como? ill be catching train out to where ever so if any raiders have had any experiences would be appreciated.

If you could help, Cheers.



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It would be better to fish at Como than Oatley. First, you're closer to the water if you're travelling by train. Second, you have access to the marina where you can hire a tinnie, if you want. Fishing off the swimming baths can be productive but it can be better walking around untill you are under the railway bridge and casting out to the first pylon.

I've seen huge mulloway caught there. My dad has seen a bloke's dog taken by a shark there. I've caught excellent bream and flathead and tailor there. There are also many excellent spots for blackfish all around the "Pleasure Grounds" and near the boat ramp.

There are also many unusual catches to be made too. The brackish water "mono" fish is there. ie. mondactylus argenteus.

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Try the jetty to the north west and cast towards the boats in the marina. I've pulled bream down deep - heavier jig heads and vibe lures should work. Best early in the morning on a rising tide. The tide can go quite fast from the jetty on the south east - not ideal for SX-40 type lures.

The flats at Scylla Bay can also be productive but the water is quite shallow. Try the rising tide for bream and whiting and the outgoing tide for flathead. Fish along the walkway to the east and south of the Como Pleasure Grounds.

Also fish along Verona Range from the mangroves to the jetty and along the jetty. I have pulled flathead using an SX-40 type lure from there. Be careful not to snag the lure on the mangrove roots - higher tides better.

Have fun!


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