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Any Reports From The Fads Or Traps


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Hi Allen, I tried botany east fad no dollies then the peak for kings nothing again just jackets. :1badmood:

Then on our way to the botany wide fad found a fish trap and jim77 another fishraider got 1 legal dollie. While at the fish trap we could see 4 other boats at the botany wide fad so off we went, but all we could manage were under size dollies. Next we thought to check 2 fish traps we found a week or so ago on the way to the 12 mile, didnt find the traps and there was no fish on the sounder at the 12 mile :1badmood: . Trolled for 2 hours for zip, water temperature was 22.1 to 22.6 and current is still heading north. :thumbdown:

Good luck if you head out.

Cheers Mike.

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