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Flathaed Classic


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Flathead Classic Results 2009

Biggest Flathead 4530g 860mm Neil Kelly

Biggest Flathead Jnr 1070g 555mm Dylan Shepherd

Second Biggest Flathead Jnr 654g 490mm Ryan Jamieson

Third Biggest Flathead Jnr 346g 395mm Peter Greed

Biggest Flathead on fFly 1420g 605mm Adam Davidson

Biggest Other 1000g 400mm (Bream) Steven Gill

Biggest Mixed Bag 2998g (flathead + Bream) Lucky 7 Dave Blackman Jarred Barwick

Totals as follows.

Just remember 1 prize per fish.

Team Anglers Weight (g) Species

Lucky 7 Dave Blackman/Jarred Barwick 2998g Flathead, Bream

Hit 'n Run Jim Barrie/Ryan Jamieson 2850g Bream, Whiting, Snapper, Flathead

Stress Less Adam Hughes/Lewis Parsons/Mitchell Parsons 2760g Flathead

Flikn Wal Balzan/Tom McClean 2654g Bream, Snapper, Tarwhine, Flathead, Whiting, Flounder

Primed Simon Moore/Shane De La Mare 2626g Flathead, Snapper, Whiting, Tarwhine, Bream

On again Neil Kelly/Nick Reay 2304g Bream, Whiting, Snapper, Flathead, Tarwhine

Team Stay'n Guy Jamieson/Tia Porter 2210g Bream, Whiting, Tarwhine, Flathead

Crocodile Dundinner Colin Johnston/Luke Peters 2110g Flathead

Culburra Bait and Tackle 1 Scott Sharpe/Dean Hamilton 2096g Flathead, Bream, Flounder, Snapper

Betty Tim Francis/Adam Davidson 1916g Flathead, Bream

Hobie Fishing Steve Fields 1852g Bream, Trevally, Flounder, Flathead

McCallums Bait and Tackle Steven Gill/Mark Weber 1702g Flathead, Whiting

The hookers Scott Manning/Trevor Manning 1604g Flathead, Bream, Snapper

Chew on this Craig Johnson/Jason Mayberry 1518g Flathead, Bream, Tarwhine

Shut Up and Fish Adam Thompson/Matthew Thompson 1514g Flathead, Whiting

Anthony Greed 1432g Bream, Flathead

Me and Dad John Blackman/Rob Blackman 1422g Flathead, Bream

Burrawang Fishing Club Mark Mauger/Jesse Mauger/Jack Mauger 1244g Trevally, Whiting

Spillers Shane Fisher/Wayne Smith 1192g Flathead, Bream

Clear Choice Pure Water Chris Neville/Peter Robins 1112g Flathead, Bream, Flounder

John Ikin/Kylie Bisby 1080g Flathead

Fish Fingers Scott Geenaway/Paul Wilson 876g Flathead, Whiting

Masterbaiter Brad Hilaire/Andrew Flanagan 858g Tailor, Flathead

Rhino Ron Satchell/Will Hagel 836g Flathead

R-Factor Greg Stevens/Darryn McColl 778g Bream

Rob Augiter/Harry Augiter 712g Bream, Flathead

Pinniped Brian Rutledge 646g Tailor, Flathead

Culburra Bait and Tackle Grant Kime/Blake Sadler 570g Bream

Riptide Nathan Peter/Fred Green 568g Tailor

Palm Beach Caravan Park Tim Olsen/Phil Olsen 556g Flathead, Flounder

Barefoot Bogans Ricgrrrrrrrrin/Matt Clark nf

Obsession Pauk Elliott/James Elliot/Jon Green nf

McCallums Bait and Tackle 2 Gavin McCallum/ Jimmy Sariss nf

Drifters Graeme Sharp/John Manning nf

Warren Beaumont/Beau Murphy nf

Blue Steel Rick Dorey/Dylan Shepherd nf

Bay and Basin Marine Mark Anastasis/Peter Greed/Dion Holden nf

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