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Hard Bodied Kingfish Lures

tan the fisherman

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gdauy raiders,

Just wondering if anyone knows anything about kingfish lures - is there such a thing?



Gday Tan,

Do you mean any kingfish lures at all?

because I bought one the other day (havent used it yet), its designed to kinda look like a colourful squid I think :1prop: . Got it in bait and tackle shop in Chatswood.

Hope this helps cheers,


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G'day Tan,

I was speed jigging some butterfly knife jigs in nelson bay for kings and i hooked up just about every drop! They were all rats, but they were kingies nonetheless!

Hope this helps... good luck mate


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As has been said most rapala lures from sizes 7 up to 14 will do the trick on kings, i like sizes 9-11 personally with the x-raps being my favourite in pilchard/mackeral type pattern.

The CD series are also very good but work better on the troll whereas the x-raps are better for casting in the shallower model.

Consider poppers as well, something that makes a big blooping splash that will catch a curious kings attention like a Halco Roosta in size (i think) 85 or 105.

Don't forget about soft plastics as well though they work particularly well on kings, sluggos, any kind of stickbait/minnow profile will often do the trick.



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