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Traverse X Rods


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Hey guys a friend off mine gave me 3 traverse rods 2 are 3-6kg small baitcaster rods and one larger 15kg game rod for the marlins he has never used the smaller ones and the larger on was used a few time for marlins off the rocks...

Just wondering how good are they and how much are they worth ??? they are about 5-8 years old


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Nice score mate. Traverse-X rods are hard to find. For months i searched high and low for a 10ft Traverse-X and somehow managed to find two :yahoo: . A spin and an overhead version. These are highly regarded by hardbody lure jewfish anglers and also breakwall jewfish anglers. They have enough power to throw big baits and serious stopping power. Still hoping to use them one day :1prop:



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G'day A.dawg,

I've got 4 (is anyone surprised???) :1prop:

I have a 12' and 10' spin rod (both rated at 10-15kg I think... I haven't used my long rods for years).

Also a 1-3kg baitcaster that I match with an Abu 1500

and a custom built 12' with a low mount that was my favourite heavy beach rod... never managed a Jew but caught some thumper sharks.

They are fantastic rods and until the advent of the new generation lightweight, high modulus graphite long rods (like the Shimano Tiralejo or Daiwa Saltiga rods) I would have had them over almost any other beach or rock spinning rod. My memory is a little hazy on prices but from memory my custom build cost me about $250 10 years ago, the factory long rods about $200 or just under, and the baitcaster about $150.

Cheers, Slinky

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