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Nepean Bassin


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sorry a little long report

With the building RDO on

Mickybee and I decided to give the Nepean a go for some bass.

with the weather looking to be good and the barometer at 1025 whilst the new moon is a few days away

i felt today was the day.

The night before rigging rods ,putting some line on new reels it was a little late and time to hit the sack for the morning.

Beep beep beep sounded at 4am :wacko::wacko: all was set to go,I hooked on the boat and we where on our way around 4.30 ish to Mcdonalds for a quick breakie stop and coffee for me.

We launched at 5 to head up the river to start with some surface fishing,And get Mickybee his first bass.With hours passing we changed to spinner baits to try to find the bass deeper as the sun was nearly up.

We continued along the banks trying to find some clean spots through the weed to get the spinnerbaits into some deeper water.we did get many follows but they where just eyeing it off.The bass where swimming in mini schools near the spinners and mini divers .


okay change of game plan,With not being able to find clean spots off the bank through the weeds we moved further up on the petrol motor.To try to find better spots which where cleaner.i found a few spots and my spinner bait looked like it was drunk as i was rolling it back it was getting hit but from tiny micro bass and not hooking up :thumbdown: then we moved into more weed so we decide to move back to topwater lures again, in and around the weed.until we got down near the boom where we picked up the the spinners again and finally michael is on.Not much to write home about but his first bass. :thumbup:


We continued switching from surface to midwater and not getting any we decided to move to deeper water with blades and jackalls to tempt them in deeper water.

Unfortunate this was how the day was to end for us


with 1 under size boated

and 50 fish following lures

and multiple micro bumps it was a little mojo destroying


I didnt really have answer all day why they wouldn,t hit

Is there any Bass gurus have a answer or something i could have tried?



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That's a real bugger Johnno :( I know you were really looking forward to your bass session, and to have them pester the bejesus outta your lure without committing is almost as bad as not having any action at all.

Mind you, the scenery in those photos is magic, and sure as hell beats the four walls of the office. Lets hope your next session there mate is a cracker!



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Last time I went to the Nepean we had the boat in by 5.30am and worked HARD for 5 bass that were tiny.. The biggest being 31cm on a jitter just down from the boat ramp... I worked Plastics spinners, divers, with follows but none found hooks. We decided to do an arvo session as well and had about the same result. Found the best lure of the trip to be a small spinner with a plastic grub on the hook.

tough times when I can be at home catching 40cm+ Bass.

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water temp mate !

the rain we have had for the last two weeks has certainly shut them down,

only caught one in that time myself.

Bass realy do switch off and on, but when they are on, they are ON!!

i find water temp (changing) much more important than anything else when bassing

small streams are much more prone to large, quick temp changes due to lack of volume

bigger rivers less so

you sure those micro hits were bass? the nepean herrings are particually agressive this time of year


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Thanks BM

Not sure about the herring i didn,t even know they where up there

didn,t check water temp.

i did hook a tiny bass boat side on a 45mm torpedo and dropped him just after i seen what it was,

he wouldn,t have been much bigger then the torpedo.

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that bass was massive..200+casts for that tiny thing haha..lots of silhouettes in the water trailing the lures that were bigger than that one but still fun to test out some new gear and a new type of fishing

thanks for the day johnno..think it will be the last rdo fishing trip for me though..ill be trying to learn the waters of west oz shortly..

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