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Sydney Harbour Slimies


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Gday all,

Went out from Tunks this morning looking for some kingies.

No luck with squid at the Spit, so headed to Balmoral for some yakkas. They were there, tiny candy sized yakkas, but hard to get pass the sweep and baby Trevs.

Hit Q Point for about 30min - Nothing.

Decided to try the Wedding Cakes. On the way there saw the boil of a bait ball just off South Head in front of the Lighthouse. Big ball and lots of splashes. spent a good hour collecting horse yakkas and decent slimies. After getting our bucket load, hit the Wedding Cake for nothing.

Move onto MH. Hit the bluff with some live yakkas - no luck. Although did see a couple of big splashes nearby at someones private pontoon.

Hit Bantry bay for absolutely nothing

On the way back saw some small bird action and went to check it out. It was a very tightly packed bait ball. The predators looked like giant slimies. Not exactly sure, but they were about 40-50cm in length and and bright blue-green colour with a dark tail. Had the same textured pattern on their back like slimies. They were darting quickly around, but I couldnt interest them with cut bait, or small metal slices. The bait they were rounding up were tiny, about 3cm in length.

All in all an ok day, with the slimies saving the day.

No kingies to be seen any where.


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Yes I think they were Frigates.

Any tips on how to catch them?

Sounds like they would have been frigates, they feed and move very fast which makes them difficult to catch but really small metal slices would be your best bet and try to see which way they are moving as they feed and get ahead but along side of them not in front.

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