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Palm Cove


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Hi all, I am going to Palm Cove in April and am wondering what fishing is available. Am only going for 4 days and cannot get senate approval for an off shore charter so am therefore restricted to landbased. I have been told the water is very silty this time of the year, you cant go on the beach at night because of crocodiles, the water is alive with stingers, and Denghi Fever is rife! Am I wise even going at all let alone will I catch anything? Any hints would be apreciated.

Cheers, Langa

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Mate as Iceman suggests the wharf is the spot. Have not fished it but if the tackle the locals cart out there is any indication they must pick up some big fish from time to time.

Also there is a great pub up there with with good entertainment - my senator loved it.

Good luck


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