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The Bait Station Thursday


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The Sea Breeze site looked too good to mis out on Thursday so Andrew and I decided to take a trip out to the Bait Station. Stopped off Narrabeen for some Slimies and Yakkas and headed out in beautiful conditions. Slowed trolled some livies for about two hours then decided to head further north east to troll back with the building nor'easter. We pushed some skirts and after about twenty minutes had two hits on the outrigger, the second a solid hook up.

I was kept busy as the fish blasted of towards the fron of the boat and then started to circle across our bow. We couldn't figure what it was at first, thinking that with the short bill it was a small blue. After 10 to 15 minutes (and the fish almost fouling the prop - just as well we are an outboard unit) we had a nice little short billed spear fish! Trolled for about another hour or more but that was it for the day.

The water looked beautiful and sat at about 24 degrees just off the shelf.



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