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Headed west on Friday to catch up with a mate and hopefully get a chance to wet a line. After our last excusions together to both Burrinjuck and Mulwala we were hoping that this time i may be able to register a fish on the scoreboard.

We had an early start Sat and had the boat floating by sunrise. After fishing choppy and windy conditions on the harbour recently being on a stretch on flat, windless river at the crack of dawn was a welcome relief. While we did have a few yabbies the plan of attack was to spend most of the morning casting at snags with both spinner baits and hard bodies. Cast we did and after hundreds later we decided we would have a quick bait bash to rest the arms. We bobbed yabbies around a couple of different snags but could raise any interest so back to casting we went.

We continued to hit snag after snag and eventually we had a couple of knocks . . . but no hook up. Half a dozen casts later my mate stuck hard and finally he had a fish on. A good battle and then a very respectable cod emerged from the depths and hit the net. It was well and truly legal but after a few snaps back in she went. Fish was caught on a purple deep diver.

We reposintioned the boat for another crack at the same snag and low and behold my first cast was hit and i was on. Another reasonable battle and then a good fish (in fact a PB for me) emerged but this time a yellow belly. Fish was a tad over 52cm but as fat as any dam yella that i have seen. Again a couple of photos and back she went. Fish was caught on a red and black spinner bait.

We persisted at this snag and numerous others for a few more hours and could not raise another fish however we were far from disspointed. We were off the water by about 1.30 pm and were pretty content to get out of the sun.

A couple of pics



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Thanks guys - agree that a bit of freshwater action is hard to beat somtimes. By saying this we had to work very hard for the two fish.

The river was the Lachlan and i must admit it was as clear as i have seen it for sometime.

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