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Darwin Harbour


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Just a quick post of my son at xmas time in Darwin Harbour..It was his first real salt water fish and loved it.. So he asked me to post these pic's :thumbup:

The first one was a little flattie

Second was a a baby reef shark... which gave him a little shock :1yikes:

The third fish was what we beleive to be a fingermark bream

I think now he can come with me and he might be able to show me a thing or too.. Well done Blake :thumbup:

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Nice one (or three) Blake. Great thing to be doing getting out on the water and catching fish. If it gets under your skin it will be a life long love you have and something you can always do to get away from life's less enjoyable requirements.

See you and your dad on the water sometime.

Cheers, Slinky

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