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Fiberglass Cast Of Jewie


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Hi guys I thought I would post this Photo and a brief explanation of how I made this fiberglass cast of a jew that I caught at wisemans ferry about 10years ago.

First af all I threw sand down on concrete and sat the fish in the sand until it was half bureyed, with a paint brush I carefully brushed sand off the top half of the fish and left a flat sand surface around the outer edge of the fish approx 6inches wide. I then cut off the side fin to be cast and attatched later. I painted the fish with a mixture of 1/2 cooking oil and 1/2 dishwashing liquid as a mould release. I then made up a wet plaster of paris mix and poured it all over the fish and while the plaster was still wet i gently patted some shade cloth onto the plaster for strength because the last thing I wanted was the plaster to crack while trying to remove the fish!

After the plaster had set I then turned the fish and plaster over carefully and laid it in the sand while I very gently and slowly removed the fish from the plaster. The same process was carried out with the side fin.

The fish was then cleaned and eaten -YUM!

With my homemade mould release i painted the inside of the plaster mould and poured fibreglass, making sure that i had a good film of set resin on the entire inside of the mould before adding fibres. I then pulled the fibreglass fish and side fin out of the plaster mould, attached the side fin with a bit of resin, trimmed and

Painted the fish then attatched it to a framed piece of timber by fiberglassing wooden dowels into the back of the cast that then were attached into holes drilled in the framed painted timber with pva glue. I then painted the fish and the board with a coat of lacquer.

It is not as professional as some that i have seen, but It still looks good and hangs on the wall in our office behind me.post-8689-1237719206_thumb.jpg

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Looks great Pete. what a way to keep a reminder of a fish of a life time. I bet you are thrilled with the result.

hi glenn,

I have a big bream hanging in the loungroom also! I have caught quite a few bigger jew since making the cast but 1 is enough - I have plenty of photos of the others. The cast is a good conversation starter!


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