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Port Stephens Striped


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Well after many hours of trolling this season we finally caught our first marlin for the boat.... After trolling wide of pt stephens on wednesday for zeros we headed out on thursday not feeling to confident but after seeing something other than a dolphin we set the poles and and the first lure hit the water about 7 mile out... whilst setting the second lure and starting to tie the rubber band off it snaps in mates hand and to our shock we are on to what turned out to about a 60kg striped marlin cught and released in 25 minutes.... awesome way to christen boat but another 6 hours of trolling saw no strikes... then went saturday and followed massive current lines teeming with baitfish for zeros again.... awesome weather all week made for a great week of :1fishing1: and :beersmile: Sorry no pics cos it looks like i have last phone somewhere between pub,beach and bed!

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