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Ecogear Sx40 Treble Hooks.


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Hey guys,

Dont know if anyone else has come across this problem, but two of my ecogear SX40's hooks have rusted after one use. Some I own have been used a dozen time with little rusting, but for some reason two of them have not lasted the distance...

Any good recommendations on alternative hooks to use?


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I usually throw all my lures in a bucket of soapy water when I get home (the one I use to clean everything else up with). I then dry them and spray them with an olive oil spray.

Nothing is perfect as we are stuck with the super rusting qualities of salt water but they do seem to last a fair while.

As for hooks I replace them with owners.


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yes i have come across the same problem

it is not the owner hooks as i use the same hooks on many other lures with little or no rust

it is the incompatibility of the other metals used in the lure (split rings ect.)

my suggestion would be replace the split rings with some stainless ones and this slows it down

but also don't leave wet salty lures anywhere, even if you don't wash them after use, at least leave the lid off the box for them to dry


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Thanks for the replies everyone. I wash off all my gear in soapy water when finished, but just seems to be two new SX40's which have rusted up after first use, like in previous post I have a few of them and these are the first two to do this. Bream Mad might be onto something, maybe they have changed split rings? I have replaced them already, hopefully this lot will last.


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