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Bit Of Freshwater Fishn


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Spent last week working out west. Packed the fishing gear in the back hoping to cast into some rivers and creeks. Work got the better of me till the last day. Had 1 hour to spare after 4pm so I drove down to lake Lyle. Paid, got into the park and drove on top of the Hill looking for rises. Saw heaps of activity in a small cove so I drove down. Put a spinner bait on and within 3 casts got this beuty of a rainbow. My first ever trout caught. It measured 47cm and had a great hook nose on it. Spent the next 1/2 hour spinning with nil results. Fish were there but were not intereseted till I put a pink celta on. Got hit instantly and this fish was much bigger. Peeled line and jumped in the air. Pulled the bloody hooks. At that time got a call from the wife so I had to go home.

Decided to take family there on Sunday. Scored some free worms and caught a couple of small trout (brown ad raibow) - but the blue green algae had moved in and thus the fish were not active at all.


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Thanks Stewy - spoke to a local who said the rainbows this time of year feed on hatch - small fish, and the only small fish in the lake are the hatchings placed in there - now small are found close to the shoreline both in salt and fresh as they prefer the warmer water which allows for tiny plant growth to live, which is what they feed on. So I hit the shallows which dropped of to the deep and use small spinners which imitated baby rainbows. My thought process worked! That is what I love about fishing - its not about chance but about the thought process behind the catch.

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