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Bream Tank


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I want to try and keep Bream in a Fish Tank and Maybe Eps Has anyone tried this before??? I know bream can adapt to fresh so will they ween off salt to fresh in a tank situation..??

My tank is 5ft x 1.5ft x 2ft

Any help would be great as I'm not sure what to keep in this tank.

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Id say your tank is more than enough to keep a whole school of bream, or some eps. I think it depends what type of bream you are keeping. Iv always known yellowfin bream to be more brackish-sea salinity and black bream would be more compatible with fresh.

I have not kept any brackish species, but do have a marine tank...the fish dont do too great in 1.016 specific gravity and can adapt over 1.028 (which is the specific gravity of 'sea water'). Personally i would rather a Eps, cod or bass which all each have their different characters. Plus, theyre all mostly fresh water, which would save you from buying/collecting salt water.

Most fish would be quite happy to swim around in the 5ft long tank you have =D (except maybe a jardini which may find it hard to turn around in the 1.5foot width)

Justin :1fishing1:

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I kept 5 in a tank about that size for 6 months with no water changes, a powerful canister filter and fresh water top ups. All stayed healthy. Just fed them sparingly on prawns.

You can buy little yellowfin from some aquarium shops in fresh water for sure.

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Nice tank size. Are you keeping fish to look at or to eventually eat them?

If you're eating go with the idea of keeping lobsters... Or maybe some other table fish/crustacean.

Anyway for a tank that size you should get some small shoaling species. I've kept small bream before, they're so easy to take care of. Simply feed them prawns, bread, worms, chicken meat... Whatever you catch bream on.

Will you be hooking up to the fish or trying to catch them unharmed? cuz I've been netting up a whole lot of stuff from Georges River.

School prawns, crabs, small mud eels, gobies, snails... As for larger fish, I've got mullet and glassfish, and lots of other little fish which i cant ID.. All these can be netted up or trapped in bottles.

Most fish will take prawn and bread. Those which don't are a hassle to care for.

Anyway get something interesting, so you won't get bored too quickly. Try and create an environment similar to your local system. Get a good ecosystem going, with the natural plants and animals which live in there. It's so much more fun than keeping a couple of bream.

I'm currently searching for a cuttlefish or squid for my tank... Would be fun to try and keep.

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