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Dont Forget Boat Strap


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:05: Now that could have been nasty if he was on the open road. I hope there was not too much damage to the boat.

Remember raiders, make sure all your straps, chains and cables are secure and then you will not end up like this poor unfortunate soul.

Take care out there


Mrs Flightmanager

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Good advice.

But I also suggest that you check them at every opportunity. I recently towed my bowrider from Newcastle to Camden, only to find that my rear ratchet strap had broken, and was no longer there. All that was left was the ratchet end hook. The stiching had let go.

Thankfully it was all highway driving, so it probably did'nt move arround much.


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It's a bugger of a thing to happen but it's easy to do... saw these guys at Appletree Bay a couple of months ago.


They unhooked the boat from the trailer before getting it down to the water and when they moved forward in the car, the boat stayed where it was!!

Cheers, Slinky

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