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Earliest Morning Trip Ever Done This Year Worth It!


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Hey raiders first trip in 2 weeks :1prop: hands were shakey but arrived around 6:30am at lilli pilli Bait was fresh squid brother caught day before and some yakka fillets

Arrived same time as 2 off the locals one of them got a kingie saturday and i was pumped to get one myself :yahoo: Didnt bring the heavy gear for livebaiting so just used Plastics and metals. Nothing for the first hour....

Brother saw some massive blackfish with a few huge surgeons mixed with them so we around the rocks in search of weed ... 1 handful was all he could get I landed 4 undersized blackies but good to know they are there and biting even though they are undersized the big ones were too smart for me couldn't get and hook ups although i could see them take the weed. 2 bonnies exploded from the water with one of the locals and i trying to get em on lures but no luck... :thumbdown: at about 8:30 a guy going for some bait saw a nice kingie under a meter cruise by and immediatley my dad casted octopus out and used it like a metal lure realling really fast... 3 casts bang :yahoo: My dads never hooked a kingie before and neither of us has landed one so his eyes were like this :1yikes: 5 minute fight my dad givs me the rod and another 2 minutes it was landed No ruler but looked around the 60's so few photoes and back in the water


Finally a smaller king thats possible for us to land...

Continued to fish with no more luck on the kingies so tried getting some livies and bait for next trip with only a few mullet

No fish after that so packed up and left

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