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how long does the berley stay frozen for? if you make up a couple of blocks do they defrost in the boat?

Hi Tumra....It's a good idea to mix and freeze your burley supply at home in plastic or ice cream containers.... have a ready to use supply of dry mix, mixed in with sand from the area, i.e. from near the boat ramp etc....., and leave the frozen blocks of burley in your esky until you are ready to use them in your burley container or bag suitable for slow seepage..... Let the frozen block of burley slowly thaw out in the water in either a weighted container for your bottom burley mix and/or, for your surface burley, use an onion bag tied off the stern when you are fishing out of the main river current, behind points and where the burley is running towards the shore etc in bays and alcoves etc....

Always have an ingredient of the bait you are fishing with in the burley or in the dry mix ready to go into the frozen mix, and do that no matter whether you are using live or dead baits ....

I.E. - If you are fishing with pilchards - have pieces of pilchards and pilchard juice from the bottom of the plastic bag etc in with the burley mix... If fishing with squid, use the ink out of your squid supply.....or freeze the squid ink and fluid in a small jar the night before etc, and add the squid ink and a bit of finely chopped squid and squid guts into your burley mix.......Squid is an excellent out of area bait, and used with squid ink etc in the burley mix makes for a very attractive bait, and particularly for predators that have travelled upriver...

Hope this helps


jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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Bread crumbs and catfood (pilchard) with tuna oil seems to have some effect, also cubed pillies. failing that try lifting your anchor up quickly, catching bait fish/bream etc or other similar commotion. That usually tells me when they're about, cause they follow the anchor/fish etc to the top, then seem to switch on from there. This seems to happen when we see them on the sounder and have nervous livies but no takes.


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Tumra - If they have been in your freezer for a good week they will stay frozen for ages! They will not defrost in your boat very quickly at all, and when you chuck thim in the burley pot they let out a nice slick that last hours. I normally mince up all my left over stinky baits and put them in a cardboard flavoured milk carton, staple the top shut and freeze, then when i need it just tear the cardboard away...

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