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Best Value Wet Weather Gear?

squid hunter

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Gday Raiders,

With winter around the corner and with a new side console boat ready to hit more open waters, i am looking to purchase myself a really good waterproof wet weather jacket and pants to reallly keep warm and dry during transit.

So i was just wondering if anyone has recommendations for the best value for money on jackets and pants and where i can purchase them?

Any help would be great


Squid Hunter

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hey squid hunter

mate anything made by Ronstan or Burke you cant go wrong with their made for wild sailing conditions but i use it fishing try go fish i think he had some last time i was there


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I'm sure Gofish Pete would have a great range of wet weather gear at special Raider prices.

Why don't you give him a call or drop him a p.m?

Any other suggestions on where to purchase them should be p.m'd to squid hunter.



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