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Juno Point


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Took my picnic day off work to catch up on a bit of :1fishing1: and along with a mate headed to Eleanor Bluffs to try and pick up some live bait, not much happening so decided to head for juno with bought fresh slimy Mackerel Mullet Squid and prawns.

Only to find my motor didn't want to start :ranting2: Cover off plugs cleaned and we were under way.

Sat off the point about 150 meters out when the line went tight and I thought I had the bottom it gave a little then I could feel this very slow pull and stop evntually lost the hook. I figure it was a big ray.

Had a slimy out the back on a butterfly rig couple of taps and nothing gave it a few minutes only to find a head and trailing hook.

My Mate caught a few small tailor nice live bait size so out they went, and buggered if I know what kept taking them but it took the backend and left me with the hook and front 1/3 :05: They had been bitten in one go, another mate suggested it could have been large tailor.

The swell came up mid afternoon so we headed back into the Hawkesbury and tried off Gunya Point got one flathead a whole 35cm so back he went we decided to drift before going back to the ramp at Brooklyn and drifted into the bay, decided we had had enough so packed up and no motor. Cleaned plugs and away we went. Next stop Service centre for tune up. It never misses a beat when it’s on the plain

and got it home put the flusher on and 1st pull away it went :hitsfan:

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Your outboard isnt a chrysler is it?


Nope a 30 year old Evinrude 25hp. If it were a Chrysler it would have been made into an anchor after 6 months hmm on second thought 6 months might be a bit generous :mfr_lol:

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