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Flatty Fishing, Bruny Island, Tasmania


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Visited the in-laws in Tassie, just got back today.

Had the opportunity to go for a fish in my uncle-in-law's tinnie off Bruny Island. We set up a drift in a light breeze, dropped our rigs off the side in about 6 meters of water and slowly drifted in the wind. We fished for about 90 minutes when the weather turned nasty and we had to head back in.

We caught 30 legal flathead in 90-ish minutes (plus just as many throwbacks). Un-bloody-believable! What an awesome day on the water. There wasn't a single minute when one of us didn't have a fish on the line - we were in fits of hysterics the whole time - it was like a cosmic joke!

My uncle said that the fishing was usually pretty good down there, but even that day took him by surprise. Awesome feast to be had by all - a truly memorable stint on the water :)

Sorry - no pics. Literally forgot about my camera because of all the action. Must get myself a head mounted video camera or something!

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