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Best Light-medium Fast Action Graphite Blanks

Bream Mad

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Hi Raiders,

I am getting into rod building and looking to source high quality graphite blanks in the light - medium range. Lengths will generally be between 6'-7' and i like fast -extra fast action (taper)

my question to you is who makes the best blanks in the $100-$300 price bracket

lightness, sensitivity are more important than durability

some blank manufacturers out there are: loomis, samurai, hastings, lamiglas, CTS, Rainshadow

am i on the right path? are loomis blanks worth there salt?

should i source from overseas or aus?

any advice would be apreciated


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There are some very nice blanks available from here in Aus.

The new Samurai blanks are quite good

Hastings have a couple of good options

Kilwell make a couple of beauties in 7ft

Pacific composites also have a couple in the right price bracket.

There are heaps of blanks that are available from O/S and to be perfectly honest Loomis are not worth the extra you will pay for them. ( personal opinion )

If you are going to be building these rods for yourself then durability might not be high on your list of priorities but if you intend to build them for other people then it should be of the utmost importance.

A good quality 7 ft spin stick with all the bells and whistles can get down around the 95-105gm complete.

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