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Help With Soft Plastics.


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hi all im fairly new 2 using soft plastics, caught a few flatties and small bream nothing 2 brag about. i just wanted 2 know if u can bottom bash using soft plastics or even drift using them. if so how should i rig them up. im thinking shads and pogy's will be best for that ?

let me no wat u all think,

cheers hamerz.

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G'day Hamerz,

Yep... you can 'bottom bash' no problems. In water up to about 25m you can drift, casting as far as possible 'down drift' with a head heavy enough to get you to the bottom gently. Then work them as you drift toward the lure.

In deeper water you can rig them on a paternoster. Learn how to tie a palomar knot and use it to attach unweighted jig hook/s that suit the tails, above the sinker. Then fish straight up and down & work them as you drift.

You can also get some good fish fishing plastics in a berley trail.

As far as tails go it's personal preference again. I like Jerk Baits when drift fishing because they sink faster (less water resistance than a pogy) but when the drift is slow or on the odd occasion I've used paternosters with plastic, I'll usually use something like a pogy that will be working without my having to put so much action into it.

Try a couple of different styles and see what works and what you like.

Cheers, Slinky

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