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Looking for a G-Loomis model to throw around soft plastics for Flatties and the occassiobal soapie and rat.

Also looking for a model to interchange it for small metals to hit the pelagics and sambos.

I have a Bonzeback SMR753SSP 6'3" 1 piece 10-17lb 7-21g lure weight which I use in the boat for sambo's tailor and kings I have a certate 3500HD on it with 20lb braid .

It may be a bit heavy for your needs though, maybe a SMR882SSP 7'4" 1 piece 8-12lb 3-10g lure.

A lot of people would say for the money there is better value to be had.

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In the Loomis range the Hot Shot HS9000 in either IMX or GLX would be my pick.

7'6" gives you great casting on light plastics and still punch out a 20gm raider a mile!

I have a IMX thats a few years old. I had it done in gold cermet guides and is beautifully light in hand. At the moment it has an Exist 3000 loaded with 16lb Branzino SI braid. I use it as my salmon/ light jew rod currently and is my in the mean time snapper rod as I broke my other 2 snapper rods.....

It's come North with me as my light spin rod and up there longtails/ barra's are the targets.

I don't have many Loomis rods left but this is one that I wont sell!


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