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Question About A Shimano Tld Reel


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evening raiders

i recently got some advice from here regarding a new reel for downriggin so i went and got a shimano TLD combo

just looking over the specs and theres a few features i have no idea what they are and how to use them

just wondering if some one can fill me in

"Clicker increases the tension on freespool and activates a clicking alarm when a fish bites

Max Drag at Full w/ Freespool: 22 lbs

Max. Drag at Strike w/ Freespool: 17 lbs"

so what does this all mean


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O.k I'll have a go at this.

The clicker is on the opposite side on the reel to the handle. Small button that slides back & forth. If you are in or out of gear the ratchet increases tension & screams to let you know when a fish is on.

The 22 lbs you can pull would be when you're at sunset. I.E max drag pressure above strike & fight drag.

17 lbs would be max drag on strike setting when the drag is screwed right up. You should be able to increase this to 22lbs if needed.

Hope this helps.



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