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Been off the site for a while, thought I would add my 2 cents

Whats the story with swap and sell? I have used that forum several times, and always check, er, checked it for anything interesting every time I visit. I have sold and bought goods many times without issue, even interstate. To say I am disappointed is a severe understatement

Damn shame it came to this...

Have the mods looked at options? Some other sites use a centralised selling area, where sellers are forced to fill in fields to ensure all info is standardised, and people forced to utilise the function properly?

Bring it back

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Keenist, Swap and Sell was closed because it was starting to get out of hand.

The Admin and mods are working on a solution to hopefully get it back up and running again in the not to distant future. We asked all member for their input and are taking it all on board, but like all things, sometimes it takes time to sort through all the reply posts.

Until then we ask for your patience and we will let you know the decisions regarding Swap and Sell in due course.


Mrs Flightmanager

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