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Fishing Spots Near Newcastle


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Gday raiders!!

Was wondering if any ones been fishing up Newcastle way before and willing to share some hot spots.

The story is:

The Mrs and my inlaws are heading up that way for a weekend break over Easter, to visit MORE inlaws! (There goes my Easter "holidays") Its going to be a massive bore fest so I was thinking of secretly packing my rods fora fishing trip or two.

Maybe jump out of bed at dawn and fish around there and be back by lunch.

So, is there any recommended spots (landbased) within close range of the Newcastle area?

Thanks in advance for saving my Easter holiday

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Hey mate

Haven't fished it much, mainly upper central coast in the lakes which is also good...but i've heard Stockton Breakwall produces some goods.

Also underneath Swansea bridge if you can access it (had some mates say it is a bit dodgy to get down there) but there's other spots around close by.

Good luck with the inlaws, hopefully the fishing treats you better- as long as the rain stays away! Easter is almost allwaaaaaays wet! :(


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bonus with stockton breakwall is that even if your not catching anything you get to watch some huge ass coal ships get pulled into the port, its pretty interesting to watch i found.



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Thanks guys for the replies. Got back with a bag of 2 tailors. And a few throw back breams from the Stockton breakwall. Fished early morning yesterday when all the relos were still sleeping and got back after they finished breakfast. Good morning all round.

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