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Sp Jighead Castabilty


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Hey guys, I hate how good light jigheads are very hard to cast long distances.

I thought up a possible solution thats probably already been made, if so could someone please direct me as to where i can find them?

If a regular jighead is made with a small air bubble inside it would this increase its bouyancy (for finess fishing) without reducing its weight and castability?

or would a small air bubble not be enough to slow its sink rate?

i thought about just using a more bouyant Soft Plastic however this would result in a retarded swim action on the sink (head down tail straight up)

Is my idea bogus or is there somewhere out there i can find such a jighead (or other solution to my problem)?

your thoughts on the matter would be greatly appreciated. Dave E.

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Hi Dave

What are you trying to catch and what plastics are you fishing.

There are a few different jig heads like TT's hidden weight system (HWS) for light stuff and then the good old worm hook should get you threw the bigger plastics.

A few other things are that make a massive difference is type of rod, rod length, line your using and leader length.

On a rod that's designed to do it you can cast a 6" unweighted plastic on a worm hook 20m with good braid and a short leader that doesn't go into the guides.

Cast a 2" worm on a 1/40 HWS on a 7'2" finesse bream rod 15m.

It can be done but it might just be the gear is not suitable for what your trying to do.....


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Hey Greg, thanks for the reply.

I understand what you mean however that is not the problem, i am using a Shimano rack raider 6"8 with a stradic 2500FI, 6 pound fireline with a 9 pound fluorocarbon leader. (i know the line is kinda heavy but im after some big flattys occasionally).

I tried to explain that Im losing cast distance when fishing in windy conditions.

I was mainly trying to gain an understand of the pros and cons of such a system that i suggested because I personally think that you can never cast too far, being able to cover more ground is a big advantage IMHO.

Thank you for your reply though.

Regards, Dave.

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