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Ride Sought After.....

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Hey Guys,

Been a while since i've been out on a boat since i sold mine a few years ago but i'd like to try get my butt seated on someone elses boat for a fish if they'll have me.

Got all my own gear and would be happy to supply bait and pay for fuel etc for a fish, maybe even a few cold ones afterwards haha.

Work weekends but am free weekdays and most weekday nights.

Send me a msg if you would like an extra person onboard.



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G'day Fezza,

Let us know where you are mate and it should help improve your chances of finding a spot. There are often Raiders more than happy to find a like-minded buddy.

Cheers, Slinky

Probably a good idea Slinky, cheers mate.

I'm from the southern side of sydney but don't mind a bit of travel.


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