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Headed down to monavale to try for some blackies in the morning...The beach has had a complete makeover! All the gutters are covered with sand?! Anyway, decided it wasnt safe if fish anywhere, so tried to pick some weed, except all of it had disappeared (probably due to the cloudy weather). Got what i could and headed down to narra lakes.

It was nice to get back into blackies again after about 1 month! Even though they were undersize...caught about 15 throwbacks and a just legal one on my last piece of weed, which also went back to grow bigger. What was interesting was there was a blue swimmer crab walking in front of me which was quite a decent size, somehow i got it walking into the shallows.

You could imagine what happened next, I gave chase! Power walking in the shallows, walking back and forth, poking my rod into the water so that the line would hopefully catch around its body, after an exciting battle (with bystanders watching and wondering what i was doing) i lost it...it bolted away. Lost my crab dinner!

Justin :1fishing1:

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Justin's jousting with the crabs in the shallows....

I bet those onlookers were probably thinking "this guy must have been stung by a jellyfish or something" - else, they better get that straightjacket !

Tell them the straightjacket would be useless - a castnet would have been better - then the would have returned with a castnet and chucked it on you... :074:

Mate I'm gonna try for a crab this weekend myself - I guess I better get a rod, some boots and walk the shallows.... :074:

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Nice work, I think we've all been there, trying to manually extract some critter that appeared in the water.

Years ago I was done in hill country in Golbourn, riding around on 4 wheelers chasing goats with a shotty (dont ask) and we came down to a nice stream in a gully. There was a school of decent size fish swimming around about 10 feet out, water looked about 6 foot deep with the fish maybe 1 foot down.

Soooooooooooo out came the shotgun and the hills reverberated with boom after boom. Fountains of water erupted, we heard goats bleating and fleeing up the hillside, empty cartridges piled up and the air was swilled with blue smoke and bluer language............do you think we hit a single damn fish?

$%#@ refraction :1prop:


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