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Saturday On The Harbour


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Launched from Roseville at 4am with a mate and it was straight off to the spit for some squid. We managed only 5.. probably due to the dirty rain water. We planned on having a short day so headed straight over to our favourite marker in the harbour and after a few casts had a small but strong +/- 60cm king on.. after a short fight i got it to the boat but somehow it got off..i wasnt too pleased. Anyway they were fairly quiet there so we moved off too some other structures where i got a leatherjacket and hooked up another 60ish cm king.. this one fought even harder but again busted me off (i had run short of the gangs i usually use and was forced to put on some dodgey ones which didnt seem to stay in the fish too well :ranting2: )

After that the 25knt southerly had picked up :1badmood: so we headed home (as it wasnt too comfortable in my 4m tinny which was now out of bait).

All in all a decent day.. would have liked to land one of the kings but given the circumstances it still beats a day at work/uni. :thumbup:

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You did well to find 5 squid I reckon. :thumbup:

I believe that if you get rid of the gang hooks & go to a 2 hook snell or snood rig your hookup rate will be much better.

You don't want to have gang hooks on the end of your line when you hit a really big fish.



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Badluck on the lost kings,always heartbreaking to put in all the effort only to loose them at the boat.

Mate you definately have to learn to tie on a two hook snell & put them in the squid baits,your

hookup rate will not only be better,but its a much stronger connection than a set of gangs.

Learn to tie it good through knot books then go out & try it on the kings next time.



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Bad luck on the lost fish as Nexus says losing fish boat side sucks, I definatly agree with the above lose the gang and you will increase hook up. On squid strips and lolly pop sized yakkas I often only use a single 7/0 live bait hook, I only use double hook when using live squids 15cm+ and above or largish yakkas. The gangs are not very strong and if you get a good fish you will straighten them, however they are great for tailors.



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Thanks for the advise, will defiantly be changing to the snell rig permanently. I have used a snell rig with a treble at the bottom before but didn't notice the difference. It was only once though so i cant judge.

And yes i was surprised too with the squid considering how dirty the water was.

Are squid much harder to get during the colder months?

I hear in winter there aren't as many rats and even though the kings are less frequent they are generally a better size? True?

Anyway I'm assuming i need squid for either kings or jews so are there any techniques out there when squidding in winter months (if it makes any difference)

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