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A cute little fella there Hobbit, he blends in well to the driveway, a bit different to the lizards I go huntin'.

It always pays to have a digi camera at the ready..


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Eastern Bearded Dragon (Pogona barbata)

I was thinking Eastern Water Dragon (Physignathus lesuerii) but don't know for sure, the one above has a distinct row of spines around the neck but both have the dark ear marking. edit looking again I think you mare right that the one above is a bearded . Ours come in various markings and can be found a way away from water. We have several who scavange under fruiting plants and look like they get drunk on fermenting fruit sitting in the sun. One visits teh front porch every now and then.

Here is one shot from the other day. They have only a little jaw pressure and rasp like teeth so I only offer a closed hand - they have little fear and plenty of escape routes.

Will accept a grape in between demolishing bugs on our tiles cooked by the floodlights

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Good onya Rod

Its good to see you interact with some of the other wonders of this great planet



Yeah Bob, my work location is Cessnock, and quite often see these little blokes scampering around along with the odd roo or two.

:1yikes: Are you reffering to how it taste :074:

Nah, lets just say..........

Thinking of something else (other things on my mind :1prop: )

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